Active engagement for academic year ’14-’15

With the academic year of 2014-2015 rapidly approaching, the Graduate School is preparing for another year of academic engagement of VT graduate students with the teaching and learning mission of the university. This goal will be realized through: (1) the GTA workshop that is continuously updated to provide GTA with best practices for course design and delivery,  classroom management, assessment of teaching and learning approaches, recognition of ethical and legal issues, and appreciation of diversity, (2) the Academy for Advanced Graduate Teaching Assistants (AAGTA) established by the Graduate School to support and recognize GTA who participate in the enhancement of VT teaching mission, and (3) this blogging platform to be utilized as a forum for dialogue about teaching and transformative learning. These activities are a part of the Transformative Graduate Education (TGE) initiative of the graduate school setup to help future faculty members and aspiring professional practitioners explore a variety of pedagogies, teaching and research methodologies, and scholarly paradigms while completing their graduate degrees.